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Birthdate:Sep 9
Location:Nevada, United States of America
Well, my name is Suantrai Nostram, and I'm a witch who practices a blend of Western and Northern European witchcraft, coupled with some practices from Japanese onmyoudou. I specialize in divination, and I've been teaching and practicing witchcraft for over 700 years.

I'm First Witch of the Cabal of Nocturne, which you'll learn about soon enough. I also teach witchcraft classes through the Nameless University (or NU for short), and teach roleplaying classes to those interested in such things.

Here, I plan to discuss witchcraft, magic, emotions, and stories, along with a few of the key points of being a witch in a digital faeryland. *smiles*

Thank you for coming!

((OOC Note: Welcome to Suantrai Nostram's blog! I'm S. Rune Emerson, founder of the Risting Tradition of American Witchcraft, and Suan is a character of mine on Second Life. We'll be following her exploits and adventures through Second Life, both as the First Witch of the Cabal of Nocturne, a coven which focuses on real magic blended with roleplaying and storytelling, and as the owner of Black Suan™, a Second Life business which creates witchcraft supplies for use on Second Life. I'll also provide links on occasion to my other blog on Livejournal, which covers my RL exploits and other experiments in technomancy and modern witchcraft.))
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